New Feature - Organise icons into folders

We’ve just released the most requested feature on Pictonic - the ability to organise icons into custom sets, edit them for different projects and save icons to be purchased at a later date. 

We wanted to make this feature as effortless as possible, without distracting the icon selection process. So this new section is minimised by default to allow you to focus all attention on the now full screen view of icons. This can be expanded when you wish to view the selected icons, organise and edit them into custom iconsets. I’ve uploaded some screenshots so you can see how the process works without logging in. 

Save a custom iconset 

Once you’ve selected some icons, click on ‘save set’, then decide whether to save this as a new set, replace an existing set or add selected icons to an existing set. 

View saved iconsets and all purchased icons

You can redownload and re-select the iconsets you’ve saved. For those of you who have been using Pictonic for your project, a good place to start organising is the ‘Purchased Icons’. You can view all the icons you’ve downloaded including free ones there. Start removing the icons not needed for your first iconset, then save these into a folder. 

Pictonic Showcase

We’ve added a new section, called Pictonic Showcase. Anyone using Pictonic icons can submit screenshots there to show everyone how beautiful their design looks with our icons. 

This launched two days ago and we’d really appreciate it if everyone can start submitting their sites to populate this showcase. 

Thank you for all the support!!


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