Price Change

We are going to increase the price of Pictonic icons this Friday, 16th November 2012.

For single icon: $0.45 will be changed to $0.59

For unlimited account: $159 will be changed to $199

Make sure you get the icons/account before this Friday!!

Month 3 update and lessons learnt

Since launching Pictonic in August, this has been our best month yet. The state of Pictonic finally seems complete. Search is working well with autocomplete. We have a free icon page that users can instantly download from without log in, which really helped to get our name out. 

This month:

No. of new users: 1160 (711% increase since last month)

No. of visitors: 26095 (611% increase since last month)

No. of icons added: 189 (similar to last month) 

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Find your project hook

A project hook can be anything, a free page, a marketing stunt or a lite version of the main project. It hooks users to your project, let them understand what your project is before committing to pay or signup. Simple as it sounds, we only truly learnt this recently. 

In summary, you need to:

1) Find the project hook

2) Make sure people can access it easily, perhaps before your main project

3) Make sure this hook is instantly shareable

- By that I mean users can quickly grasp the point, have share buttons nearby to let it go viral. For example, try to remember the last article you scanned for 5 seconds, then tweeted to your followers before continuing to read. It must’ve had a good title, easy to grasp content and was easy to share. 

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Icon fonts vs svgs part 2

In our previous post 'svgs are cool, but icon fonts are just 10% of their file size', we concluded that svgs offer unparalleled functionality, but for theming websites with simple icons, icon fonts are probably a more efficient way to go.

Some readers questioned if the same was true post compression, as significant file size reductions can be achieved via gzipping, and most modern servers are capable of doing this on the fly.

Consequently, we decided to write this followup comparing gzipped ttfs with gzipped svgs.

The compression did close the gap somewhat - gzipping reduced our svg file size by about 43% on average, and our ttf file size by about 38% on average.

Its also worth noting that our comparison is based on multiple svg files - a further reduction on svg file size could be obtained by aggregating svgs into a single file, saving metadata overhead and http requests. We included svgz font files in the results to give an idea of how much can be saved using this technique .


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svgs are cool, but icon fonts are just 10% of their file size

In a recent post, we attributed the high performance of icon fonts over images to their support for vector expressions. Yet fonts aren’t the only vector savvy players in town, and a few folks were left wondering, what about svgs?

In light of our recent announcement that pictonic’s icon font packs now include svg files too, we thought we’d do a quick write up to highlight the main pros and cons of each.


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Month 2 update and lessons learnt

Last month was focused on launching Pictonic, getting our name out there, let our users explore the system to get as many feedbacks as possible. This month, we focused on building the most requested features, optimise the site and communicating with our users more efficiently. Below are some stats for this month:

This month:

No. of new users (signed up for an account): 143 

No. of visitors: 3667

No. icons added: 193

New Features Implemented:

Organise iconsets 

Selected icons can be grouped into folders, labelled by project name and edited easily. This also means icons can be saved for later purchase. 

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